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In this ever fast-changing high-tech world,
4U-Solutions is a company wants to help and share our resources for others to learn and be familiar with. Because the focus of our business is to provide low cost, effective, stable, and versatile solutions to meet the needs of all of our clients, we feel the need to educate our potential customers first. Therefore we provide this service to maintain our resource center for you to do research on. If you have any technical information topics that you want to know, please feel free to give us your request. We will be more than happy to do research for you and add all the relevant information into our resource center for both you or anyone else to learn.

Internet Development Resources:

W3C's HTML Specification - This is W3C's home page for the HTML Activity. Here you will find pointers to the specifications for HTML/XHTML, guidelines on how to use HTML/XHTML to the best effect, and pointers to related work at W3C.

W3C's XML Specification - This is W3C's home page for the XML Activity. XML is the universal format for structured documents and data on the Web. It allows you to define your own mark-up formats when HTML is not a good fit. XML is being used increasingly for data; for instance, W3C's metadata format RDF.

W3C's CSS Specification - This is W3C's home page for the CSS Activity. W3C's Cascading Style Sheets language (CSS) provides a simple means to style HTML pages, allowing you to control visual and aural characteristics; for instance, fonts, margins, line-spacing, borders, colors, layers and more. W3C is also working on a new style sheet language written in XML called XSL, which provides a means to transform XML documents into HTML.

HTML Introduction Web-site - This site helps you design web-site and it provides you with introduction to HTML, CGI, HTTP, DTDs, SGML and HTML tools etc.

ScreamDesign Web-site - This site helps you design web-site and it provides dynamic tools and knowledge to teach and introduce people to the exciting world of web design.

Multimedia Download Web Site - This site provides numerous programs, menu templates, backgrounds, fonts, images and more for you to download, and they're all for FREE! Useful for design web site.

Lycos Web design Site - This is a good web developer's resource site provides lot of useful informations for design web site.

Hotwired Lycos Web design Site - This page shows Color Coding for web designer.

INFOMINE Web Site - This site is a non-commercial reasearch site provides Scholarly Internet Resource Collections.

INTERNET.COM Resource Link - This is the link to internet.com's Internet Resources Channel.

Business Development Resources:

Yahoo Small Business Exchange Center Web Site - Launching or running your own startup? Find tons of helpful information for entrepreneurs at the new Small Business Exchange, including a new column by small-biz expert Rhonda Abrams.

Virtual Private Network Consortium Web Site - This is the Virtual Private Network Consortium home site, better known as VPNC. VPNC is the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market. It provides IP security document roadmap and security architecture for the Internet Protocol.

Find Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services Web Site - Find VPN is the leading resource for businesses seeking comprehensive VPN industry news and announcements, guides, resources and virtual private network services and information.

Small Business Administrations Web Site - SBA maintains and strengthens the nation's economy by aiding, counseling, assisting and protecting the interests of small businesses and by helping families and businesses recover from national disasters.

FedBizOpps.gov Web Site - FedBizOpps.gov is the single government point-of-entry (GPE) for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. Government buyers are able to publicize their business opportunities by posting information directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet. Through one portal - FedBizOpps (FBO) - commercial vendors seeking Federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal contracting community.

Census.gov NAICS & SIC Web Site - Official NAICS & SIC comparison chart from Census.gov (541512).

UC Berkeley Library Web Site - THis site provides good information for doing business with the government.

Internet Resources Meta-Index site - This link page is intended to be a loosely categorized meta-index of the various resource directories and indices available on the Internet.

VeriSign Company Web Site - Network Solution's Domain Name registration web Site.

Information Technology Development Resources:

Microsoft - A good place to go for updated drivers and new product information on Microsoft’s multitude of operating systems, software, and hardware.

CNET.com - Another good site for reviews of the latest and greatest hardware and software.

Internet.COM Web Site - This is a leading provider of global real-time news, information, research and media resources for information technology, Internet industry and graphics professionals.

Developer.com - This is a computer software developer must see site which contains information technology articles on almost all subject that you can think of. Articles are searchable.

Downloads.com - Want to check out the latest software or do you need to find a way to keep those annoying pop-ups from showing up? Go to this site for any type of software you could ever want. Includes freeware, shareware, and trial/demo programs for you to look at and try out.

Terraserver.Com - Terraserver.com is the world-wide source of the finest satellite imagery and aerial photography for people of all walks of life. This web site provides a subscription-based tool to satisfy a wide variety of mapping needs from environmental changes to mapping. Terraserver allows you to select and print high-resolution images sized as small as 1.96 square kilometers - a significant advantage over other web-based satellite image services.

Tom's Hardware Guide - This site contains news and reviews of some of the hottest products in the technology and computer industry. In-depth analysis provides consumers with a good understanding of what to buy and what to avoid.

Reference Desk - Everything you would ever need or want to know when conducting research or if you just have a simple question. A vast amount of information at your fingertips is always a good thing!

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